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100ml Odor Neutralizer Spray
100ml Odor Neutralizer Spray
100ml Odor Neutralizer Spray
100ml Odor Neutralizer Spray
100ml Odor Neutralizer Spray
100ml Odor Neutralizer Spray
100ml Odor Neutralizer Spray
100ml Odor Neutralizer Spray


100ml Odor Neutralizer Spray


To suffer fromnasty odors in your shoes?Easily remove these with this 100% natural product and take off your shoes everywhere with confidence.

Neutralizes unpleasant odors in shoes

100% natural and allergen free

Reduces the risk of athlete's foot

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Tired of smelly shoes? Fix this problem with the First Amsterdam Odor Neutralizer Spray. A natural product that removes unpleasant odors instead of masking them, as many products (such as shoe deodorants) do.

Besides removing bad odors, it creates a healthy environment that increases the amount of probiotic bacteria compared to the pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Follow the instructions for use carefully to achieve the best results.

The First Amsterdam Odor Neutralizer Spray is an odor neutralizer on a probiotic basis without the adverse, drying properties of alcohol being added to the product. This makes the product very durable and above all safe to use.

First Amsterdam Odor Neutralizer Spray- against unpleasant odors:

Neutralizes unpleasant odors in shoes

Reduces the risk of athlete's foot

100% natural

No use of chemical products

Allergen free

100% safe to use

This is how you use it:

Shake well before use.

The product is activated after application.

Spray the contents into the shoes after taking them off. Preferably at night, so that it can work properly.

Dosage: spray 1-2 times every 3 days.


Fermentation bacteria <5%, hypoallergenic perfume composition. 10.68 CFU/ml

Other information:

Store the product in a dry area with a temperature between 5° to 35° C.

Keep out of reach of children.

Contents: 100ml.

Ready for fresh and odor-free shoes? Order the First Amsterdam Odor Neutralizer Spray now and enjoy fresh scents in your shoes!

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Powerful long-lasting formula

Formulated with a powerful blend of natural ingredients that effectively neutralize odors and provide long-lasting freshness.

Fast operation

Our spray works immediately to neutralize unwanted odors, so you can quickly enjoy fresh shoes again.

99% natural ingredients

The product consists of 99% natural ingredients, such as coconut oil.

Versatile use

Whether it concerns sports shoes, boots or sneakers, our spray is suitable for all types of shoes and leaves them all smelling wonderful.

Why First Amsterdam?

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100% Money Back Guarantee

You will not see any results after using our products? Then you receive just your money back!

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Do you have any questions? Very understandable!

Fill a container with lukewarm water and dip the brush in it. Then add the product to the brush and dip it in the water again. Shake off the water and brush the shoe until the product starts to foam well. Then dry the shoe with the microfiber cloth and your shoes will be like new again!
Yes! Remove the laces from your shoes and fill a container with lukewarm water. Add the solution to the water and dip the laces in it. By rubbing the product well into the laces and then letting it dry, you will see immediate results.
To be honest, not all stains can be completely removed with this product. Although we would like that, it is of course not a panacea. However, you can often significantly reduce these types of stains by properly applying the cleaning process and repeating it if necessary.
Yes, but be careful. We recommend being careful with materials such as suede, mesh and, for example, nubuck. Use the Premium brush for this, which is available separately. PLEASE NOTE: Dyed suede may discolour when it comes into contact with water, so we recommend not getting these materials wet at all.
The Standard brush is perfect for use on all harder surfaces, such as the midsole, leather, etc We recommend using the Premium brush for materials such as suede, mesh and premium leather. This is mainly because the Premium brush is made of natural pig bristles and the Standard brush is made of somewhat harder synthetic bristles.
Yes, you can also use the Essential Kit on bags, caps and much more. Try it yourself!